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Warning: this section is deprecated, please refer to the GitHub wiki from now on.

The software is divided into two different modes, a script-based console version, and a GUI version. The manual is thus often split into two parts that address each of those. The sections related to the console version, however, contain more technical information than GUI sections and should be read first as a reference.

The manual is available as a PDF file, or as its TeX sources bundled together with Aether's sources.

Video Tutorials

Because text sometimes is not enough, we aim to provide short video tutorials to present the software.

This is a work in progress, only a few videos are available. ( Some in french. )

Introduction to the FDTD method

FDTD - Structure definition
FDTD - Normal Incidence

Multilayers - 1
Multilayers - 2
Multilayers - Planar waveguides


Selene - Basic raytracing scene setup
Selene - Interface Response Functions
Selene - Polychromatic Sources
Selene - Sensors

Graphical fitting

Aether: présentation (french)
Date of update 15 août 2023