A bit of history

The oldest roots of the software originate back in 2008 with personnal rendering projects.

This was followed two years later by an internship at the L2n on the ADI-FDTD method, which served as the basis for the FDTD module. Concurrent development happened through the OpenSource Gneiss project (now obsolete), dedicated to rendering space scenes.

The FDTD code was then developed during a PhD under the ANR MetaPhotonique project, together with some basic tools.

A few years later under the TurboPET project, the raytracing core was coded by integrating Gneiss' original raytracer into Aether.

Since then, many improvements have been added, like the GUI, and from 2015 onwards several upgrades were designed to accomodate the Limule project, a proprietary software coded for the In-Fine joint laboratory.

In 2021 the aim was to finally launch it as an OpenSource project of its own.

Past fundings

The following fundings have contributed directly and indirectly to the project:
  • The University of Technology of Troyes
  • The ANR MetaPhotonique project
  • A Région Champagne-Ardenne PhD grant
  • The Eurostars TurboPET project
  • The BISONS RAPID project
  • The ANR DECISIoN project
  • The SURYS society through the In-Fine joint laboratory


As of now, the main developer is Loïc Le Cunff.

We thank the following contributors: José Ignacio Romero
Date of update 30 mars 2022